Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t want to continue suffering with feelings of anxiety and constant eating disorder thoughts, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my eating disorder or other behaviors that my family, friends, and even myself sometimes are worried about. Does it make sense for me to go to therapy?

It is very common for those coming into therapy to be uncertain about whether or not they want to stop their behaviors or maladaptive ways of thinking.  In fact, one thing we will work on is recognizing how these thoughts/behaviors have helped serve a positive function and how they have also negatively impacted your life.  I welcome all clients who are unsure about the recovery process and recognize this is a very common experience!


I have gone on countless diets, and nothing seems to work. It seems like I am always trying to lose weight, but I end up back where I started or worse off than before.  Would therapy be helpful for me?

Absolutely.  I can’t tell you enough the amount of clients I have seen who have gone on countless diets, yet nothing seems to stick.  What most weight-loss/diet programs do not teach is how are emotions are heavily connected to our eating behaviors and what skills are needed to manage emotions in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our food choices.  I love working with clients who experience so many “aha” moments and are able to then develop emotional skills to stop their behaviors.


I don’t think I have an eating disorder, but I am having constant thoughts about my weight and food which consumes my life and makes it difficult for me to function. Would therapy be helpful for me?

Without a doubt.  In my work with clients, I am less concerned with what diagnosis you have and more concerned about how to help you manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that continue to cause you suffering.  For many of my clients, it took a long time before coming to therapy due to feeling unworthy of getting help or desire to figure it out on their own.  I would be honored to help you make life changes that you deserve.


How long will I be in therapy? Are there options for both short-term and long-term therapy?

There is no set formula for deciding how long therapy would be helpful for you.  I take my time to get to know you and your symptoms and together we will come up with a plan that makes sense for your needs.  I have worked with clients who benefit from weekly therapy ongoing and clients who benefit from short-term therapy for specific problems/transitions.  In therapy, we will talk more about what the best treatment plan is for you.


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Don’t spend another moment contemplating starting your therapeutic journey- you deserve to start living a life of health and happiness today!